Yummy Seaweed Recipe: Wild Dulse Popcorn


Dulse, the purplish sea vegetable known for its iron and B vitamin content, has a strong ocean flavor when raw, but mellows and softens when it is sauteed with coconut oil, ghee, or butter. Some people say when you cook it, it even tastes like bacon!

Here, we added sauteed dulse to popcorn for an umami treat with lots of depth. We also tossed in a little salt, but you can go salt free for a lower sodium treat. One teaspoon of dulse makes up only about 3% of the daily recommended value of sodium. On the plus side, it has 8% our daily value of potassium! This gives it a nice salty flavor without all the sodium.

Munch away!


2 T organic coconut oil, ghee, or grass-fed butter

2 T wild dulse

2 C organic popped popcorn



Melt oil or butter in a sautee pan. Add dulse. Let simmer in oil for two to three minutes, stirring occasionally with a spatula. Remove pan from heat and pour contents over popcorn. Toss in a metal bowl or with salad tongs, coating the popcorn with the sauteed dulse. Add salt to taste.



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