Why do you love sea vegetables so much?

seaweed crownSea vegetables are wild ocean plants, technically marine algaes, enjoyed for thousands of years by native coastal cultures as a staple and healing food. Sea veggies add a rich, umami flavor to the diet and supercharge the nutritional value of your meals.

Most every culture with coastal access has made culinary use of sea vegetation. The Japanese and other Asian countries are famous for their seaweed consumption, but even the ancient Europeans would chew on dried dulse for nutritional sustenance. Ancient Polynesians cultivated kelp farms and Native North Americans on the California coast used sea vegetables as a core food and a valuable inland trading commodity.

Sea vegetables spend their entire existence growing in the world’s largest and most complete nutrient-dense mineral bath: the Ocean! Sea vegetables are among the richest food sources of iodine, calcium, magnesium,  zinc, iron, potassium, manganese, and all other (56 in total) minerals essential to health!


Where can I find your seaweed snacks?

Many places! Check out our online store or look for us in your natural food store. You can help us! If you don’t see Sea Bakin’ in your go-to natural foods store, just ask for it. Best thing you can do is let your store know you’d like Sea of Change snacks on their shelves!


Where do you source your seaweed from?

Many places! Sea vegetables are seasonal so we gather from near and far. We get our seaweed domestically and internationally—both farms and wild-harvesters—and we get out in the ocean and bring it in ourselves! This is our favorite part of the job. We live in Northern California and have a commercial seaweed harvesting license. So during at least half of the year, you’ll find us zipping up our wetsuits and clambering over rocks and through coves to hunt down the freshest, most tasty north coast sea products we can find with our own eyes and hands.


What are your quality assurance and safety procedures?

We follow good manufacturing procedures to ensure food safety, high quality, and good taste. We have a stringent quality assurance program that tests for and ensures the safety of our ingredients and our products. We eat our foods every day, so do our family and friends. Our ability and our commitment to make safe and healthy foods is firm.


Are your products gluten free?

All of our ingredients are gluten free. Our products are manufactured on equipment in a shared facility. We follow good manufacturing practices to prevent cross-contamination.


Any other allergy concerns?

You should check the allergen information and ingredient list on each product. If you have a specific allergy inquiry, feel free to contact us. Our products are manufactured on equipment in a shared facility. We follow good manufacturing practices to prevent cross-contamination.

Our package mentions shellfish. This is because shellfish like crabs, abalone, and sea snails live amongst sea vegetables and munch on seaweed. (Yup, seaweed sustains a marvelous number of lifeforms!) From time to time, we find one of these little critters in the rinse process.


Are your products good for vegans?

Sea vegetables are naturally vegan and we use only vegan ingredients in our Sea Bakin’.  


Are you organic?

Yes! Most of our products are certified organic by Oregon Tilth. (And may we put a shout out to Oregon Tilth for being a fantastic agency to work with!)

Check the ingredient panels and labels for specifics on the organic certification.

Do you use GMO ingredients?

We do not use GMO ingredients. We believe that foods containing GMO ingredients should be labeled as such.

Have you tried alternative biodegradable bags?

Yes! We are aware of every alternative packaging out there and every company trying one out. We’ve looked at all the options and have found that there is not yet an effective compostable or biodegradable package out there for Sea Bakin’. We do care about biodegradable packaging; we stay up to date on new technologies and industry innovations. We continue to monitor and consider new options as they come out.

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