Yummy Seaweed Recipe: Wild Dulse Popcorn

Dulse, the purplish sea vegetable known for its iron and B vitamin content, has a strong ocean flavor when raw, but mellows and softens when it is sauteed with coconut oil, ghee, or butter. Some people say when you cook it, it even tastes like bacon! Here, we added sauteed dulse […]

Popcorn with Wild Dulse Seaweed

Sea Palm Caesar Salad Recipe

Caesar Salad with Sea Palm Here’s a way to make a tangy Caesar salad with no fish and no egg! We add sea palm to get a hint of the ocean and all our trace minerals. This Caesar Salad recipe is fish-free, egg-free, and can be made dairy-free and gluten-free. […]

Sea Palm is a type of kelp that grows only on the West Coast of the US and Canada

Sea Palm Polenta Image

Sea Palm Polenta Recipe

Sea Palm Polenta Sea Palm is a sea vegetable that only grows along the West Coast of the US and Canada, on rocks where the waves crash hard. The closest known relative of sea palm was found fossilized on the coast of Italy. Here, we take sea palm back to […]