About Us

seaofchange-matesWe are a group of friends in Northern California committed to creating unique and healthful foods with sea veggies. We are inspired by the incredible bounty of the Pacific Coast and are committed to the sustainability and the health of the oceans. We believe that our food choices are the most important ones we make and this has the collective possibility of changing the world for the better.

The Great and Wonderful Sea of Change Trading Co, Inc was founded in 2012 from brewing waves of excitement and immense dedication to exploring the culinary possibilities of sea vegetables. We began with early morning treks to the Pacific Ocean, harvesting by the last of the moonlight and with the ebb of the tides, and hurried forth by the first break of dawn and the waves’ imminent return. Next came afternoons sun-drying sea plants in the soft spring Sonoma sun. Evenings were filled with routine experimentation, preparation and the sharing of various tasty and healthy seaweed based foods — the start of many we will share with the world.

Harvesting nori in Sonoma County, California

We reached for and read every recipe book, identification book, seaweed study and paraphernalia we could find, just to feed the obsession. We saw great possibility in the ocean, and in the meeting of tide and shoreline. We created a remarkable seaweed library, in the sense memory of our bodies and the print of our bookshelves.

We reached out to wild-harvesters in the US and Canada, procuring the best of the Atlantic, and dove back into the Pacific waves again, to bring back more of California’s coastal bounty. Then we traveled across the seas to understand how seaweed is farmed commercially, visiting many seaweed farms in Asia.

Our friends and family supported us with direct loans to lift us off the ground and into the waves of possibility. They have directly shared in propelling our vision to bring more sea veggie foods to market and to keep imagining, together, the sea of change that we can bring.

Join us! There is a sea of change and it’s in your hands!